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At Subway too much? One of the employees remember me cus Brent always confuses her

  • Girl (Employee): Not with your boyfriend today?
  • Me: Haha nah he wont confuse you today
  • Mom: Shes just with her mom today
  • Lady behind my mom: Ooooooooo you shouldnt have said that now her mom knows she has a bF haha JK:)
  • Mom: nahh i know
  • Employee: You like swiss cheese right?
  • Me: Yes i do
  • Mom: She already knows what you like
  • Employee: Yea shes here often
  • Mom: Shes paying separate. *tells the lady behind her* shes paying for her BF
  • Lady: He already has a SugarMama haha
  • -Im a sugarmama now? haha evertime i go there its always the same girl making my sandwhich. I cant believe she remembers me i went like 3 times before today : P
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  • 12 July 2011
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